Vehicle Tinting


Window tinting isn't just for "kids" and is not limited to cars/trucks/SUVs, we also offer tinting for motor-homes, RVs, and boats.  With shads available from 55% to 5% we have the film to fit everyone's needs.  If your just looking to cut down on sun light and glare in the summer or blackout your vehicle we are the people to see.

We offer many options when it comes to window tint:

  • Carbon™ - Non-Metal, Non-Fading, Carbon
  • InfinityOP™ - Sputtered, All-Metal Construction
  • High Performance - Dyed-Metal, Hybrid Construction
  • Standard - Dyed Construction
 Our professional team is available for tinting  monday - saturday 6 day's a week

Automotive Window Films also offer:

  • High impact marketing materials and programs
  • A complete product line, available in smoke and 5 different shades, that matches factory tint and enhances the look of any vehicle
  • Easy installation, including heat shrinkability, adhesion, and dry time
  • Superior solar performance including heat and UV rejection, as well as glare reduction
  • Exceptional optical clarity
  • Increased safety and protection
  • A competitive Manufacturer’s Warranty
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